Venus World Publishers Presents: Marlow Jean Bow!
Venus World Publishers Presents: Marlow Jean Bow!

Spotlight on Marlow Jean Bow

Author Marlow Jean Bow

Marlow Jean Bow’s books are enjoyed by all ages.

Marlow’s innate ability to capture the essence of animals, and other creatures in her fiction novels, transports the reader into another dimension where our four-legged friends and creepy crawlers take precedence. Marlow has written about, a dog from the Heavens, a courageous cat, a notorious rat, and an unconquerable roach, and the list keeps growing. Her heart is always happiest when she is in the company of her furry friends and creatively writing about them.

I have always felt a strong kinship with animals. As a little girl, I was forever feeding homeless cats, bringing home stray dogs, and trying to save wounded birds. In fact, in those days, my mother suspected I loved animals more than people. This was never more evident to her than when she and I watched movies together. If the leading man was about to be killed, I would be in tears—not for the hapless hero, but for fear his faithful, furry-companion would be the next one down, or would possibly be left ownerless and abandoned.  I consider the opportunity to write my stories as a gift.

Marlow Jean Bow is the Author of:

Garbo Girl Happy Birthday To You! (A Celebratory Edition)
The Unconquerable Roach-Woman (The Collection)
Cream Puff Capone – That’s Life! A Grand Cat-Stopper

Coming soon:

The Notorious R.A.T.  (The Little Black Book)

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